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About us

ESPACO is an exceptional real estate company owing to its peculiar purpose, which is total commitment with a view to guaranteeing the safety and the success of your business. In our case, the success of a business results from how the

Our Services

ESPACO offers a coherent set of complex professional services that are necessary for any real estate business, among other things. Thus you may choose among the following service categories, according to your goals: Advice on real

Real Property Legislation

The real estate laws listed below are indicated for information purposes.  It is possible that the legislation may be amended or cancelled, partially or in full. Therefore it is recommendable that, before making any decision for renting out/

Documents required in transactions

In order to make a real property transaction the owner must have in due time a file prepared to include the following documentation:  The property ownership document; Tax Certificate issued by the Mayor’s Office; Land

Useful Addresses and Information

A property transaction process involves the gathering of many details, as well as working with many persons and state institutions. The list below summarizes the main addresses and useful data that are necessary in order to prepare the documentation


On the current background of international changes, our team is the ideal partner for a profitable investment.  We are a team that was founded and strengthened through implementing and promoting such values as integrity, honesty, respect and