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Energy Audit Department

In addition to our activity we conduct thermal and energy expert examinations of various types of buildings: individual dwellings, residential developments, office buildings and business premises.  Our experts are certified for all the stages

Energy Certificate

The energy performance certificate of a building is a technical document for information purposes that certifies the energy performance of that building. In the European Union, the EC Directives 91/2002 and 31/2010 regulate the obligation that all

Energy Audit

Our Team is made up of certified and licensed auditors and offers heat and energy audit services both for individual dwellings and for residential developments, office buildings and business premises.  Energy Audit is a procedure that serves

Energy Audit Legislation

The following laws are listed for information purposes.  It is possible that these laws might have undergone partial or full amendment or cancellation.  Therefore it is recommendable that, before making any decision with a view to


The prices for the audit or the energy certificate services are determined according to the purpose envisaged by the user thereof.  In narrow terms, the energy certificate of a building or apartment is the result of a finding. Whereas the