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Energy Audit Department

In addition to our activity we conduct thermal and energy expert examinations of various types of buildings: individual dwellings, residential developments, office buildings and business premises. 

Our experts are certified for all the stages of the thermal and energy evaluation process, starting from the evaluation of the thermal, technical and functional features of the building with a view to issuing the energy certificate to the generation of the energy audit report

The main purpose of the building energy certificate is to provide to the owner or user and to any person that is interested in buying or insuring the building certified information about the energy performance of the building and of the relevant interior installations. 

The energy performance of a building is determined according to a calculation methodology and is given by one or several numeric indicators that are calculated taking into consideration the thermal insulation, the technical features of the building and of the installations, the design and the location of the building in relation to the weather elements, the exposure to sun and the influence of the neighbouring buildings, any individual sources of energy and other factors, including the interior temperature condition of the building, which has influence on the necessary energy.

The energy audit analyzes the results achieved after making the thermal analysis of the building and finds efficient solutions both in technical and financial terms for the thermal and energy revamping thereof.

The obligation to have the energy certificate is provided in the Law no. 372/2005 on the energy performance of buildings and in the Order no. 1459/2007 approving the Methodological Rules on the energy performance of buildings, issued by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing.