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Energy Audit Legislation

The following laws are listed for information purposes. 
It is possible that these laws might have undergone partial or full amendment or cancellation. 

Therefore it is recommendable that, before making any decision with a view to obtaining an energy performance certificate or a thermal upgrading design, the validity of this information should be verified together with an expert, such as a certified energy auditor!

Law no. 372 - 2005 Energy Performance of Buildings
Law no. 158 - 2011 Increasing the Energy Performance of Apartment Buildings
Law no. 10 - 1995 Construction Quality
Law no.  153 - 2011 Measures to Increase the Architectural-Environmental Quality of Buildings
Law no.  5 of 2010 – Supplementation of the Government Emergency Ordinance 2009
Order no.  550 - 2003 Certification of the Energy Auditors
Order no.691 - 2007 Approval of the Methodological Rules

Minister’s Order no. 1083 of 2009 – Auditor Certification Amendment
Government Emergency Ordinance 18 - 2009 Increasing the Energy Performance of Apartment Buildings
Government Emergency Ordinance 29 - 2009 – Energy Certificate