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The prices for the audit or the energy certificate services are determined according to the purpose envisaged by the user thereof. 

In narrow terms, the energy certificate of a building or apartment is the result of a finding. Whereas the energy audit involves a larger process that ends up in providing several technical solutions adjusted to the energy class requested by the customer, with a view to increasing the thermal comfort.

Thus, in order to determine the price for the energy audit and/or certificate, the following items will be taken into consideration: 

  1. Gross building area (building/apartment);
  2. The information provided by the customer (design, building log book, energy consumptions, etc.). If the technical information requested is not available, measurements and scale drawings will be done, therefore the unit price will increase.
  3. Complexity of the building and of the available technical solutions; 
  4. Delivery term for the work; 
  5. The repeated occurrence of the design; 
  6. Location of the building / apartment.

For information purposes, the prices vary between 1 EUR /sqm and 4 EUR/sqm. Also, the larger the area, the lower the unit price. For special categories of customers: retired, unemployed and applicants in "Prima Casă" programme, a 10 to 30% discount will be applied.

For customized pricing, please contact us on the telephone number 0726.11.99.88 or e-mail your application on the address