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Property Management

We have the necessary expertise for managing apartments, houses/mansions, office buildings, shopping centres, residential buildings, warehouses and industrial parks. Our services are designed mainly for owners, investors and tenants who want to

Technical Maintenance

Our own maintenance system provides you proactive maintenance, remedial activities for any potential malfunctions and specialized service in: Plumbing Electric Wiring Heating Systems Façade Thermal Insulations Rooftop Thermal Insulations

Cleaning Services

Cleanliness means health and good mood. I. Our professionals provide you the necessary services for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in any type of building: apartment, house/mansion, office spaces and so on. According to

Accounting Expertise

Accounting Expertise for Owners and Tenants is a legal means that can serve as evidence before the courts of law to prove any material or financial damage caused to an Owner by the Manager, Accountant, President, Executive

Security and Guards

Our duties in terms of property security start with providing qualified advice in the planning stage regarding the prevention of unauthorized access at all the building entries and go to integrated management of the alarm systems and of the security


The prices vary according to the complexity of the services requested by the customer: apartment management, technical maintenance, building security, cleaning services, accounting expertise, fire protection etc. In order to have our