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Property Management

We have the necessary expertise for managing apartments, houses/mansions, office buildings, shopping centres, residential buildings, warehouses and industrial parks.

Our services are designed mainly for owners, investors and tenants who want to enjoy their time and their places without worrying about bills and unforeseen events.

Individual Residence Management

In general, the management of a property involves two major activities: financial management and technical management. Each of them requires a set of specific operations. For the individual residences, such as apartments, houses/mansions, the operations are:

  1. management of the real estate documentation (photocopies);
  2. management of the maintenance agreements for the property utilities;
  3. to provide specialised staff (plumber, electrician, bricklayer, wall painter, manager, accountant, lawyer etc.);
  4. to collect the rents;
  5. management of the collected monies, payment of the due expenses and the relevant reporting;
  6. money transfers in this country and abroad;
  7. to check out and pay the bills (maintenance, water, electricity, telephone, TV, cable), taxes, duties etc.;
  8. to insure the property and pursue the collection of indemnities;
  9. to represent the owner’s interest towards third parties (public authorities, providers of utilities, owners’ associations etc.);
  10. fiscal representation;
  11. to obtain authorizations, to have the utility agreements amended (for telephone, electricity) on leases to legal person tenants;
  12. management of the property renovation and refurbishment works requested by the owner; 
  13. regular visits to the property;
  14. to monitor how the construction behaves in time, to check out and to assess the general condition of the property;
  15. support to rent out the property;
  16. to enter into property delivery/reception protocols;
  17. to inspect the property and the condition thereof upon completion of the lease;
  18. connected services for the optimum use of the property (cleaning, housework, security etc.).

In order to analyze the complexity of the management service, specifically the assessment of the costs for the rendered services, the future manager must have knowledge of the following data and documents:

  1. Decision Register;
  2. Register of Internal Rules;
  3. Mailing Register;
  4. Building Log Book;
  5. Contractor’s Log Book;
  6. Register of current activities, services, etc.;
  7. Agreements with the providers of activities and services, etc.;
  8. Manager’s Log Book;
  9. Statement Balance, assets and liabilities balance (the latest), the latest maintenance bill list, other accounting documents;
  10. Information about any litigation, conflicts, notices, complaints, etc.;
  11. Description of the development (name, location, number of residential units, with/without related land (houses, apartments, etc.);
  12. Information about the legal organization of such developments;
  13. Information about any management agreement existing at the moment and, if any, the contact details about the manager (name/address, telephone, fax, etc.);
  14. To-do list of specific activities for each dwelling / development;
  15. To keep the record of the required activities for each development and to appoint a contact person for detailed talk during the assessment visit regarding the property management complexity;
  16. Information about whether there is currently a management budget, an office on site or they need to be organized / established by the manager.