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Our Services

ESPACO offers a coherent set of complex professional services that are necessary for any real estate business, among other things.

Thus you may choose among the following service categories, according to your goals:

  • Advice on real estate transactions – our professional team provides complete solutions on the sale/rent of any kind of real properties (houses/mansions, apartments, offices, business premises, industrial premises, lands).

  • Advice on investment management  - for both the national and the foreign investors that are interested in certain sectors of the Romanian property market. The activities included are: estimates of the transaction costs, investment risk analyses, strategic planning, assistance on negotiations, identification of financial solutions, post-investment assistance.
  • Legal coordination – for any real property transaction (sale/purchase or lease) to be profitable, it is absolutely necessary to implement appropriate legal solutions. Therefore, while being aware of the real estate legislation in force, we always design efficient solutions so that the legal measures may keep the optimum ratio between the achievement time and costs. 
  • Licensed evaluations – the valuators of our team are ANEVAR members and provide licensed evaluation services in line with the highest quality standards, adjusted to any type of real property belonging to both natural and legal persons.
  • Heating and Energy Audits – before making the final decision about buying or leasing a property, whether it is an apartment or building, any customer is interested about the actual energy consumption that is necessary to provide adequate heating comfort. This is a natural approach that reflects the need of accurate estimate of the monthly utility costs, including the cost of the desired comfort. The importance of the building energy performance is acknowledged by the law. Thus, the owner who wishes to sell / rent or register a property must have the Energy Certificate of the property under the law no. 372/2005. Our partners will help you enjoy the quality services to obtain the energy certificates.
  • Property Management – we have the necessary expertise in order to manage apartments, houses/mansions, office buildings, shopping centres, residential buildings,  warehouses and industrial parks. Our services are designed mainly for the owners, the investors and the tenants who wish to enjoy their time and their dwellings without bothering about bills and unforeseen events.
  • Market Reports /Property Analysis we believe that a profitable investment is the result of a valid research of both the current and the future real property market. For this reason we permanently analyze the property events, we hold a wide portfolio of offers and prove that we have the necessary expertise for an accurate estimate of the property market values and of the market regressive or advancing tendencies.