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Property Evaluations Department

We are a team of property valuators licensed by ANEVAR (National Association of Romanian Valuators) dedicated to our profession and oriented toward full satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

The National Association of Romanian Valuators was founded in 1992 as a professional, non-profit, non-governmental, independent association that acts for the public interest (as supported by the Government Decision no. 1447/09.09.2004) promoting the evaluation methods and techniques by specific means. 

As far as we are concerned, we make evaluation reports on various types of real and movable property such as:

  1. non-residential lands, agricultural lands, residential lands with or without buildings on them;
  2. properties including various buildings: office buildings, business centres, residential buildings, apartments, shopping facilities, industrial or storage facilities or special purpose constructions;
  3. movable property: means of transportation, special and utility vehicles, production equipment and work plants, process lines, stand-alone operation machinery, measurement, control and adjustment instrumentation. 

These evaluations are necessary to our customers for such purposes as:

  1. Sale or purchase of real property; 
  2. Value certification for emigration purposes; 
  3. Credit security, including for mortgage loans (pledges, mortgages, guarantees);
  4. Contribution in kind for the capital increase;
  5. Co-financing (in kind) as part of investment programs;
  6. Cost estimates for upgrading works or change of use;
  7. Real estate evaluations for embassy, required by those who wish to emigrate;
  8. Compensation in case of expropriation;
  9. Financing, insurance, leases, revaluations, contribution in kind, title conveyance for movable property.

For whom are these services designed?

The users of the evaluation reports drawn up by the members of our company are: financial-bank institutions, lease companies, financial non-bank institutions, national and multi-national companies, small enterprises, state institutions, autonomous state-owned companies, individual persons, associations and foundations.