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Property Valuations

We are a team of property valuators licensed by ANEVAR (National Association of Romanian Valuators) dedicated to our profession and oriented toward full satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

The National Association of Romanian Valuators was founded in 1992 as a professional, non-profit, non-governmental, independent association that acts for the public interest (as supported by the Government Decision no. 1447/09.09.2004) promoting the evaluation methods and techniques by specific means. 

As far as we are concerned, we make evaluation reports on various types of real and movable property such as:

  • non-residential lands, agricultural lands, residential lands with or without buildings on them;
  • properties including various buildings: office buildings, business centres, residential buildings, apartments, shopping facilities, industrial or storage facilities or special purpose constructions;
  • movable property: means of transportation, special and utility vehicles, production equipment and work plants, process lines, stand-alone operation machinery, measurement, control and adjustment instrumentation. 

These evaluations are necessary to our customers for such purposes as:

  • Sale or purchase of real property; 
  • Value certification for emigration purposes; 
  • Credit security, including for mortgage loans (pledges, mortgages, guarantees);
  • Contribution in kind for the capital increase;
  • Co-financing (in kind) as part of investment programs;
  • Cost estimates for upgrading works or change of use;
  • Real estate evaluations for embassy, required by those who wish to emigrate;
  • Compensation in case of expropriation;
  • Financing, insurance, leases, revaluations, contribution in kind, title conveyance for movable property.

Espaco Real Estate benefits from databases, built over time, with a high degree of information, so that the resulting indicators can be used to verify the sustainability of prices, thus preventing many problems in the evaluation activity in our country, due to lack of transparency in the trading of goods.

The information obtained represents the congruence of the activity of several entities (collaborators, real estate agents operating in different market segments within the Espaco Group) so that it can better cover the real oscillations existing in the market.

Expressing our optimism regarding the collaboration in the future for this segment, we thank you for your time!


“Any valuation activity that has as its object a real estate property or one of its components (land and/or constructions), regardless of the market segment (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or specialized)”.

All real estate properties subject to valuation, benefit from general cadastral and legal verification, in order to identify possible elements of influence on the value (possible encumbrances of the property right, external factors, etc.).

The presentation of the building, with its strengths and weaknesses, coupled with a proper presentation of the central data helps any user in quickly outlining the overview of the property and an easy understanding of the reference data.


Movable goods represent a wide category of goods.

Their definition and classification may be different, depending on the source.

The movable property includes tangible and intangible items that do not constitute real property.

“Cars, production lines, stocks of raw materials and goods, technological machines and equipment, etc.”


The company’s activity addresses a market, which is in a process of globalization, which makes all markets and submarkets, or macro and microelements, directly related to each other. Such a state of affairs transforms any related activity to depend both directly and indirectly on the other activities, offering a mixed service package, constantly improved, bringing to you professional services, on which you can rely with confidence.

As the trend of globalization of economic markets is widespread, any real estate analysis must be viewed mainly from the level of the general climate in which it takes place. Thus, a prompt perception of the trend of the activity and the branch of activity can give the first indications on the impact factors generated on property: the trend of the stable population, of the active one, GDP, direct investments, total trading volumes, the volume of new constructions, buildings new receipts, bank interest, credit level, etc. These data are processed in the first phase and tracked monthly / quarterly, in order to be then converted into visual, tabular radiographs, for easier perception and understanding of the oscillations received.


We are constantly adapting, investing in the quality of our own resources, so that you can enjoy the experience, knowledge, and efficiency with which we respond to all requests regarding success in transactions, investments, consulting, etc.

For real estate transactions

– the document attesting the ownership right over the valued good (ex: Sale-purchase contract, Inheritance, etc.);

– Land Book extract for information;

– The urbanism certificate, valid at the date of the evaluation, showing the development possibilities (POT, CUT, destination, restrictions, etc.) – in the case of free lands (vacant) located in the built-up area of ​​the locality;

– Cadastral documentation containing:

– location and delimitation plan (in case of built and unbuilt lands);

– level surveys containing the recapitulation of areas (for all types of buildings);

– Other specific documents, depending on the type of property assessed (permits, authorizations, etc.).

* It is mandatory to identify real estate, at least based on a document from those listed below:

– Postal address (street and number);

– Location and delimitation plan containing the inventory of 1970 Stereo coordinates;

– Cadastral plan extract on Orthophotoplan (color);

– The real estate property benefits from a new electronic identifier (available on the ANCPI website –

* The areas used in estimating the value must be based on areas mentioned in a document issued by a natural or legal person authorized to carry out specialized works in the field of cadastre, geodesy, and cartography, according to law.

* If the documents submitted do not reflect the situation found during the inspection, additional documents will be requested (building/demolition permit, operating permit, technical expertise report, etc.).

* The quality of authorized evaluator does not offer competencies in the field of surface measurement, the responsibility for their correctness being of the persons who prepared the documents underlying the evaluation. If the assessor has doubts about these areas, he will ask for clarifications and instructions from the designated user.


For movable property

– the document attesting the property right over the valued good;

– documents resulting from identification elements (inventory number, series, etc.): balance of fixed assets, identity card, etc .;

– documents/information from which to result in the physical and technical characteristics of the good: capacity, model, etc .;

– information on the operating regime and conditions, current/capital repairs, accidents;

– other specific documents, depending on the type of asset assessed (approvals, authorizations, etc.).