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Property management

We have the necessary expertise to manage separately, houses / villas, office buildings, shopping center, residential buildings, warehouses and industrial parks.We have the necessary expertise to manage separately, houses / villas, office buildings, shopping center, residential buildings, warehouses and industrial parks.

We have the necessary expertise for managing apartments, houses/mansions, office buildings, shopping centres, residential buildings, warehouses and industrial parks.

Our services are designed mainly for owners, investors and tenants who want to enjoy their time and their places without worrying about bills and unforeseen events.

Individual Residence Management

In general, the management of a property involves two major activities: financial management and technical management. Each of them requires a set of specific operations. For the individual residences, such as apartments, houses/mansions, the operations are:

  1. management of the real estate documentation (photocopies);
  2. management of the maintenance agreements for the property utilities;
  3. to provide specialised staff (plumber, electrician, bricklayer, wall painter, manager, accountant, lawyer etc.);
  4. to collect the rents;
  5. management of the collected monies, payment of the due expenses and the relevant reporting;
  6. money transfers in this country and abroad;
  7. to check out and pay the bills (maintenance, water, electricity, telephone, TV, cable), taxes, duties etc.;
  8. to insure the property and pursue the collection of indemnities;
  9. to represent the owner’s interest towards third parties (public authorities, providers of utilities, owners’ associations etc.);
  10. fiscal representation;
  11. to obtain authorizations, to have the utility agreements amended (for telephone, electricity) on leases to legal person tenants;
  12. management of the property renovation and refurbishment works requested by the owner; 
  13. regular visits to the property;
  14. to monitor how the construction behaves in time, to check out and to assess the general condition of the property;
  15. support to rent out the property;
  16. to enter into property delivery/reception protocols;
  17. to inspect the property and the condition thereof upon completion of the lease;
  18. connected services for the optimum use of the property (cleaning, housework, security etc.).

In order to analyze the complexity of the management service, specifically the assessment of the costs for the rendered services, the future manager must have knowledge of the following data and documents:

  1. Decision Register;
  2. Register of Internal Rules;
  3. Mailing Register;
  4. Building Log Book;
  5. Contractor’s Log Book;
  6. Register of current activities, services, etc.;
  7. Agreements with the providers of activities and services, etc.;
  8. Manager’s Log Book;
  9. Statement Balance, assets and liabilities balance (the latest), the latest maintenance bill list, other accounting documents;
  10. Information about any litigation, conflicts, notices, complaints, etc.;
  11. Description of the development (name, location, number of residential units, with/without related land (houses, apartments, etc.);
  12. Information about the legal organization of such developments;
  13. Information about any management agreement existing at the moment and, if any, the contact details about the manager (name/address, telephone, fax, etc.);
  14. To-do list of specific activities for each dwelling / development;
  15. To keep the record of the required activities for each development and to appoint a contact person for detailed talk during the assessment visit regarding the property management complexity;
  16. Information about whether there is currently a management budget, an office on site or they need to be organized / established by the manager.

Our own maintenance system provides you proactive maintenance, remedial activities for any potential malfunctions and specialized service in:


Electric Wiring
Heating Systems
Facade Thermal Insulations
Rooftop Thermal Insulations
Sheet-Metal Works


  • Windows: thermopane, break-in resistant, reflecting, bullet-proof, blast;
  • Sheets: break-in resistant, sun protection, dull, decorative, UV-resistant, etc.
  • Window accessories: exterior roller blinds, shutters, sunshades, sunblinds, grills,
  • Interior accessories: roller blinds, insect meshes, curtain rods;
  • Ironware for windows: hinges, window catches;
  • Stained glass and accessories;
  • Attic windows, sealing frames, wood and multi-layered wood window frames;
  • PVC and aluminum PVC joinery for thermopanes, curtain walls, PVC profiles, rooftop and balcony enclosures, exterior aluminum or PVC roller blinds, interior blinds.

Utility Climbing

  • Plasterwork, repairs, building façade renovations;
  • Polystyrene coating, thermal insulations for building façades;
  • Repair and sealing works for joint gaps, waterproofing works;
  • Exterior painting for buildings;
  • Industrial painting;
  • Window washing / cleaning, curtain walls, Alucobond, marble;
  • Building / assembling / disassembling of steel structures;
  • Set up luminous cassettes;
  • Dimensional letters; 
  • Banners, meshes, back-lit prisms, cubes, Unipoles, roof-tops;
  • Street billboard decorations with paper / self-adhesive films; 
  • Window graphics decoration/neutralization;
  • Electric wiring repairs/ laying/ maintenance;
  • Erection of earthing and lightning protection systems;

Cleanliness means health and good mood. 

I. Maintenance Cleaning

Our professionals provide you the necessary services for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in any type of building: apartment, house/mansion, office spaces and so on. 
According to the customer’s specification, these services may be rendered on daily, weekly, monthly basis or immediately in case of urgent requests. 

Briefly, this is a service that implies:

  • Dusting the furniture and the electronic appliances;
  • Vacuum cleaning/sweeping of the floor / moquette/ carpet;
  • Washing and disinfecting the bathroom fixtures (sink, bathtub, shower stall, toilet bowl and tank, hair drier stand, towels, soap dispensers);
  • Kitchen cleaning (sink emptying, cleaning the outer part of the kitchen furniture, the cooking stove, refrigerator, the home appliances);
  • Emptying the rubbish bins in the bathroom and in the kitchen, replacing the rubbish bags if necessary; 
  • Ventilation and odorization of rooms.

II. General Cleaning

It is done on the customer’s request or by subscription and implies the following operations:

  • Vacuum cleaning of spider webs and dust on walls;
  • Cleaning of the door and window frames;
  • Vacuum cleaning and interior and exterior washing of radiators;
  • Washing of accessible windows;
  • Mirror cleaning;
  • Washing and disinfection of the bathroom and kitchen floor and wall ceramic tiles;
  • Dusting the lighting appliances;
  • Dusting the furniture and the electronic appliances;
  • Vacuum cleaning / sweeping the floor/ moquette / carpet;
  • Washing and disinfection of the sanitation ware in the bathroom (sink, bathtub, shower stall, toilet bowl and tank, hair drier stand, soap dispensers, etc);
  • Kitchen cleaning (sink emptying, cleaning the outer part of the kitchen furniture, the cooking stove, refrigerator, the home appliances); 
  • Emptying the rubbish bins in the bathroom and in the kitchen, replacing the rubbish bags;
  • Ventilation and odorization of rooms.

III. Cleaning before and after parties and events 

A home event is always a reason to be happy, which requires many preparations both before the guests arrive and after they leave. In order to keep your good mood here we are to help you with:

  • Collecting and removing the rubbish;
  • Washing the dishes, the ash trays, etc.;
  • Vacuum cleaning and washing the floor;
  • Vacuum cleaning and washing the moquettes, the carpets etc.

IV. Urgent Cleaning

It is a service that is available to all customers who do not have enough time to prepare the working space before an event, a meeting or whenever things get out of control.

V. Cleaning after the building / refurbishment works

In this case, professional cleaning and hygienization machinery is used for:

  • Removing the dirt and the building material discards left on the floors, on windows and doors using the single disc machines, washing and drying machines, industrial vacuum cleaner and professional detergents; 
  • Washing and disinfecting the floor and wall ceramic tiles in the bathroom areas;
  • Rubbish disposal;
  • Vacuum cleaning and cleaning of all types of surfaces;
  • Applying treatment solutions for wood, stainless steel and glass surfaces;
  • Rooftop cleaning where necessary; 
  • Room ventilation. 

VI. Washing Moquettes / upholstery

In order to have a healthy living space, the moquettes and the carpets should be vacuum cleaned and washed on regular basis using quality products that do not damage the fibres or the health of the inhabitants. This is why here we provide you our offer for professional cleaning of your moquettes. 

VII. Single disc cleaning and polishing

We can do the polishing and the cleaning of ceramic floor tiles, parquetry and marble or other types of floor. You may have these operations performed as part of regular cleaning duties or on separate basis from time to time in order to keep the floor surface in optimum condition.

Accounting Expertise for Owners and Tenants

Accounting expertise is a legal means that can serve as evidence before the courts of law to prove any material or financial damage caused to an Owner by the Manager, Accountant, President, Executive Committee or Auditor. In order to be recognized by the court, an accounting expertise must be conducted by a public chartered accountant of the Body of Expert Accountants. 

In case you notice that any damage occurred during the management of your association and you find it necessary to have an accounting expertise conducted, the first step would be to file a criminal complaint with the police precinct of jurisdiction. As a result of this, a judicial accounting expertise may be ordered. The expert accountant will be appointed by the Police together with which you will agree on the expertise goals.

The goals may be:

  1. to check out the how the Manager conducted the management so as to show the amounts that were collected, their destination and the payments that were made;
  2. to check out whether the Manager did make the legal entries in the Association’s books;
  3. to check out in all the Registers required by the law for the Owners’ Associations whether the obligations to the State were entered and paid up, as resulting from the Association accounting activity; 
  4. to check out whether the Manager collected and paid up the social health insurance contributions;
  5. to check out whether the legal rules in force have been observed, with regard to the  endorsements and permits needed by the Manager for making the current payments, the necessary or urgent expenses for the Association, the observance of the Cash Desk available cash threshold and the payments made to the service providers through the Association bank account, the lawfulness of any monies collected by the Manager from the members of the Association;
  6. to check out the lawfulness of the calculations made by the Manager for determining the maintenance bill shares or the penalties for the members, as entered in the maintenance bill share list for the Owners’ Association;
  7. to check out all the cash collected by the Manager by comparing the receipt copies to the Cash Register;
  8. to check out every current payments made by the Manager to the service providers, the lawfulness thereof and, in case of big amounts of outstanding debts/penalties payable the Association to the service providers, whether the Manager incurred any unnecessary or non-urgent expenses or kept the money at the Cash Desk without paying the service providers;
  9. to determine the causes for which the service providers charged any penalties, the amounts of the penalties paid in a determined period of time and who was guilty of producing such penalties;
  10. to identify if there are in the Association records any payments lower than the amounts collected in that period of time; 
  11. to determine any damage that was caused to the Owners’ Association or to its members and to identify who was guilty of nonobservance of the relevant legal provisions.

Debt Recovery Procedure

In order to start the recovery procedure for your claims, we will enter into a commercial mandate agreement whereby you authorize us to handle your case. The first stage will be an attempt to recover the claim amicably.

The working methods in such a case include: investigations on the debtor’s solvability and his assets, investigations to identify the corporate shareholders and directors, telephone discussions, notifications, direct meetings. In 90% of cases, this method pays off.

In case, following such procedures, the debtor fails to provide positive reaction to our measures, the litigation will be commenced in order to recover the debt by suing the debtor and subsequently by enforced execution thereof.

Upon recovery our fee will consist in a floating commission between 3 and 20% of the debt value (exclusive of VAT), according to the age and the amount thereof, as determined upon the execution of the mandate agreement, which will be charged at the time of actual effective recovery of the debt.

Our duties in terms of property security start with providing qualified advice in the planning stage regarding the prevention of unauthorized access at all the building entries and go to integrated management of the alarm systems and of the security staff. 

We also ensure the building operation at the normal parameters and immediate intervention in case of emergency, including fire.

The prices vary according to the complexity of the services requested by the customer: building / apartment management, technical maintenance, building security, cleaning services, accounting expertise, fire protection etc.

In order to have our price offer, please send us your inquiry to the address: Bucureşti, str. Anton Pavlovici Cehov, nr.2, etaj 5, cladirea Tanora, Sector 1, Bucuresti sau pe e-mail:; Fax: + 40 31 080 90 40.